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Resolving Child Custody Issues

When you choose the Law Office of Zachary S. Rivenbark in Burgaw for legal representation, you get a local attorney experienced in family law matters. I take an individualized approach to your child custody case, looking to reach your goals effectively.

Determining Custody Arrangements

During a divorce or breakup of unmarried parents, two different types of custody will get decided; legal and physical. Legal custody means the right to make important decisions for your minor children, such as education choice, medical decisions and religious upbringing. A parent has physical custody when their home is the primary residence of the child. It is common for one parent to have physical custody and the other parent to have visitation rights. Both legal and physical custody can be joint or sole.

Skillfully Advocating For Your Custody Goals

Custody agreements are usually negotiated outside of court between both parents’ lawyers. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to litigate in court to decide custody in court. Factors that influence the court’s custody decisions in the best interest of the child include,

  • Each parent’s home stability and ability to care for a child
  • The child’s current primary residence
  • Past occurrences of domestic violence

I excel at both negotiation and litigation strategy to pursue your custody goals.

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