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Divorce, Child Custody, Adoption And Other Family Law Matters

Family law matters touch most families sooner or later. You may find yourself in any of these roles, in need of legal advice you can trust:

  • A spouse seeking a divorce
  • A spouse served with a petition for divorce
  • A parent seeking a child custody and visitation arrangement that will work in your family and protect your child from uncertainty in day-to-day life
  • A single person or married couple seeking to adopt a child
  • A married person seeking to adopt your stepchild
  • A grandparent or other family member seeking guardianship or adoption of a child you are taking responsibility for
  • A biological father or mother in need of a paternity determination for a child (soon to be born or already born)

During these trying times you will need someone who will fight for you and your children and to stand with you to make sure you, your children and your rights are protected. Whether you are having marital problems or struggling with a child custody dispute as a separated, divorced or single parent, you owe it to yourself to get quality legal advice and trustworthy representation.

I am attorney Zachary S. Rivenbark, and I promise to give your case careful consideration. Consult with me about your upcoming divorce, custody, support, alimony, adoption, grandparent adoption, stepparent adoption, separation agreement, equitable distribution, custody agreement, prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, domestic violence matter or protective order.

If you need assistance with these or other family law issues, the Law Office of Zachary S. Rivenbark is here to help. The law firm enjoys trust and respect in the community. I offer personal attention and clear communication. If I am your attorney, I will draw on my significant knowledge and experience in the area of family law to help you through your legal challenges.

Work With An Experienced Attorney Toward Desired Outcomes

You and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse may believe you agree on a no-fault divorce. Or you may have reason to expect a contentious, high-conflict case.

Should you leave the home yet? What if your spouse has already left? Can you use your bank account as usual during your divorce? How can you best protect your children from being caught in the middle during legal processes? I have valuable advice for you regarding these and other difficult situations.

Wherever you are starting from and hope to end up, I am prepared to advocate for you. I am an experienced, caring family law attorney ready to help you resolve your family law matter efficiently or fight for your rights if that becomes necessary. Whatever the situation, I will partner with you as we work to protect your assets, your parent-child relationship(s) and your future well-being.

Put Your Mind At Ease Now — Talk To A Lawyer About What To Do Next In Your Family Law Matter

Initial consultations for family law matters at our law offices in Burgaw are not free but fees are reasonable. Call 910-663-1658 or send an email to ask for a quote. You can count on confidentiality. You can expect to receive useful, valuable information beginning with the first meeting.