Effective Legal Counsel From A Pender County Native

Experienced Legal Help When You Need It Most

When you need experienced legal representation for a critical life matter, you want to be certain that your attorney is completely committed to achieving the same goals that you are. The last thing you want is a lawyer who is focused on pushing your case to a quick resolution that may not be in your best interest so he can move on to the next paycheck. Here at the Law Office of Zachary S. Rivenbark, I take the time that is necessary to truly know you and your needs.

What My Experience Can Help You With

I dedicate my practice to helping clients in a wide array of cases where a lot is on the line and the outcome will have long-term repercussions. These include:

  • Family law
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Personal injury

In any of these areas of law, an uninformed decision can cost you dearly and leave you financially challenged or having lost your freedom. I understand what it takes to reach the best possible outcome in your case, in order to ensure the well-being of your future.

Personal injury and workers’ compensation cases typically result in compensation to cover the cost of your injury, but if the amount you receive is insufficient, then you are left holding the remainder of the bill. I will act as your negotiator to earn you compensation that covers as much as possible, and I am ready to go to court for you if needed.

Be Confident About Your Legal Representation

If you or a loved one need compassionate, dedicated and experienced legal representation at some of the most critical points in your life, waste no time. Call me today. You can contact my office in Burgaw by calling 910-663-1658 or by emailing me here. Act today to take the first step toward the best possible outcome in your legal needs.