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Examples of visual driving distractions

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

There are technically three different types of driving distractions. These include visual distractions, manual, distractions and cognitive distractions. People sometimes assume that all distracted driving looks the same, but this helps to show how varied it can be.

Manual distractions include anything that takes your hands from the wheel, while mental distractions include anything that causes you to think about something other than driving your car. But what could a visual distraction look like? Below are just a few examples, but you’ll see that they can be found almost anywhere.

Looking at the phone or GPS

The most prominent visual distraction is simply when someone looks down at their phone. It can also be an issue if they look at the GPS in the car. Even though things like a GPS are supposed to help with driving, they can still lead to accidents in this way.

Gawking at another accident

We will sometimes have chain reaction crashes when drivers are gawking at an accident that has already taken place. As traffic slows down, vehicles may rear-end each other since the drivers don’t have their eyes on the road.

Pets and children

All passengers can also be visual distractions, as adults may turn to look at them while they talk. But pets and children can especially be major distractions because they can be more unpredictable and demand attention.

Eating and drinking

It may feel very natural to go through the drive-through and get a hamburger on your way home from work. Or you may be likely to grab a cup of coffee on the way into the office. But eating and drinking behind the wheel can be a major visual distraction, both when you look away to pick up the item and when you raise it to your mouth. Even glancing down at your lap for a split second to pick up another piece of food could be enough to cause an accident. Many people eat in the car, but this does not mean that it is safe

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