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Can bright headlights cause collisions?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

You do most of your driving during the daytime. Nonetheless, there are the odd occasions where you need to stay late at work or take an emergency trip to the store.

When you’re driving at nighttime, you feel as if you’re being dazzled more than usual by brighter headlights. Is this your imagination?

The answer is no. Increasing amounts of road users are complaining about headlights being too bright on the road. Modern cars use LED technology which increases the intensity of headlights and signals. How do these headlights cause accidents, and what are your options if they subject you to a collision?

Bright lights cause glare

Visibility is everything when you’re driving, and anything that impairs it is a risk to your safety. Bright lights reflect off surfaces and cause glare, especially at night or when it is raining. This can temporarily blind you and cause an accident. Additionally, if someone with bright headlights is following too closely behind you, this can remove your attention from the road and result in a nasty collision.

What can you do?

Other drivers should not use full beam headlights when they are close to you, either on the opposite side of the road or behind you. Sadly, you can’t control other people’s actions, but you can consider using light-dimming technologies. There are rearview mirrors available that can dim the effect of bright headlights and prevent you from being dazzled.

Road traffic collisions can leave you seriously hurt, emotionally scarred and out of pocket. It’s important that you get something back for your pain and suffering. Examining all factors that led to the crash is essential.