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Yes, Black Wednesday is still a thing – and the police know it

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2021 | DWI Defense |

Everyone’s heard of Black Friday – the day after Thanksgiving that has traditionally sent shoppers rushing to stores for one-day-only bargains. Of course, Black Friday now essentially has expanded to the last couple of months of the year. 

Black Wednesday, which most people are less familiar with, is still unique to the night before Thanksgiving. It’s called Black Wednesday or even “Drinksgiving” because it’s widely considered the biggest night for drinking of the entire year.

Why are so many people out drinking on Black Wednesday?

It developed that reputation because Thanksgiving Eve brings out a wide swath of people to bars and restaurants. People often use this night to get together with old high school friends who are home for the holiday. They may want to get out of the house to seek refuge from family and in-laws gathered there. Some go out for a meal because they don’t feel like cooking the night before they’re going to be spending the next day in the kitchen.

You can be sure that, no matter how much our work and vacation habits have changed over the past couple of years, law enforcement will still be out in force the night before Thanksgiving – and through the entire holiday season. You’ll probably see additional sobriety checkpoints. Individual patrol cars may be more difficult to spot – until their lights and sirens are behind you.

The alternatives to driving drunk are less costly than a DUI/DWI

Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives to driving while impaired these days. An Uber or Lyft driver is just a few clicks away. Sure, they’re typically more expensive on big drinking nights – but much less expensive than a DUI/DWI. They’re even less expensive if you get a couple of people who also shouldn’t be driving to tag along. You can also keep an eye out for the friend who has been quietly ordering soda water all night and ask them to be your designated driver. 

Of course, many people arrested for DUI/DWI thought they were sober enough to drive or didn’t want to leave their car and come back for it later. Whatever the situation, a drunk driving arrest can ruin your holidays. If you make a mistake, don’t hesitate to get experienced help.