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3 things to protect in a divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2021 | Divorce |

You have a lot at stake when divorcing. That is one of the reasons divorce can be complex — both parties are looking out for their rights and needs.

Allowing your spouse to get what they need when securing what you need will make finalizing your divorce simpler. To do this, you may both need to temper your wants, especially where one person’s wish list would leave the other short in some area.

Secure your finances

The car that was yours during the marriage will not be in a divorce. If it qualifies as marital property, it is part your vehicle, part your spouse’s, and if you want to keep it, you need to give them something in return.

Preserve your parental rights

When you are married, no one questions your right to enjoy being a parent. You can read a story to your child each night or take them away on holiday or to the park on the spur of the moment. All that changes when you divorce. You need to stake your claim for a share of time with your child and can no longer do things, such as take them on holiday without the permission of your co-parent or a court.

Look after your well-being

People’s well-being often suffers during divorce, yet it is just as important as the other two elements. Failing to protect your mental health could harm your prospects in the other two areas. For instance, if you suffer a breakdown during the divorce, your spouse may argue you are incapable of caring for your kids, leaving you with a reduced share of custody. If divorce leaves you with depression, you might be unable to work for some time, meaning you soon spend any finances the court awards you when dividing property.

While you should not expect everything to turn out as you want in your divorce, it is crucial to preserve what you are entitled to. Doing so will be essential to start your new life on the front foot.