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What do you know about concussion treatment options?

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

After a recent motor vehicle collision, you learned you have a concussion. The medical diagnosis helps you build your injury case, but how do you recover from the harm?

Mayo Clinic offers diagnosis and treatment details for concussion injuries. Their insights may help you heal and decide how much to seek in damages for your legal case.


Concussed patients should get plenty of rest to help their brains recover from physical trauma. Your doctor may already have you restricting yourself from mentally taxing activities for the first couple of days after your injury. Pay close attention to your concussion symptoms while engaging in such activities as watching TV, playing video games and reading. It may benefit you to avoid such pastimes if they make you feel worse. The same applies to physically exerting yourself.

Pain relief

Stay tuned in to your body, as you may experience headaches for days or weeks after your collision. Get your doctor’s recommendation on the most beneficial over-the-counter pain relievers so you take the right ones. Taking aspirin and ibuprofen may put you at risk of bleeding.


Use time to treat your concussion by gauging when you may ease back to your routine and tracking your recovery. Stay in contact with your physician so you know when you may get back to light physical and mental activities. Even if you still experience some concussion symptoms, you may receive permission to engage in some exercises and physical and mental activities. Depending on your everyday lifestyle, you and your medical team could create a schedule for when you may get back to playing sports and other physically strenuous activities.

Financial and medical recovery plans often become essential after motor vehicle accidents. Working with experienced healthcare professionals gives you the information and strategies you need to protect your health and legal rights.