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How should I manage a hit-and-run?

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The good news is that dealing with the aftermath of a hit-and-run accident is not that much different then dealing with any other accident. The bad news is that hit-and-run accidents tend to be much more emotional and frustrating. 

Keeping your wits about you is paramount in any accident, but especially with hit-and-runs. According to State Farm, after a hit-and-run accident you should stay at the scene and try to talk with any eyewitnesses present. 

Should I just let the culprit drive away?

Yes. It may be very tempting to hop in your car and give chase (if this is possible), but this may confuse eyewitnesses. If two cars are in an accident and both speed off afterward, the eyewitnesses will have a very twisted story to tell the police. 

Instead, make sure to move your automobile out of traffic if it is in the road, and call 911 if anybody in the vicinity of the accident has sustained an injury. If not, go ahead and call the non-emergency police number to file a police report like you would for any other accident. 

How can eyewitnesses help?

Eyewitnesses can be of particular assistance in hit-and-run accidents. It is possible that an eyewitness realized what was happening when the other car fled the scene. Many people carry smartphones with cameras. It is possible that a savvy eyewitness was able to get photo or video evidence of the other car, the driver or the license plate. 

If you can get this information from an eyewitness, it will make the police’s job much easier when it comes to tracking down the culprit.