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Tips for successful divorce mediation

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2021 | Divorce |

Divorce mediation can potentially help you settle significant issues with your former spouse without going to court. This form of alternative dispute resolution helps lay the foundation for a cooperative coparenting relationship if you have children.

If you have decided to try mediation, follow these tips to improve your chances of reaching an agreement to end your marriage fairly.

Prepare to react

Emotional reactions can derail the mediation process. Practice stating your position clearly and calmly without blaming the other party.

You should also imagine things your spouse may say to make you upset. Picture yourself remaining composed rather than lashing out in anger, then try to react the same way if the mediation process does trigger your emotions.

Establish clear objectives

Ask yourself what you hope to achieve during the mediation session. What successful outcomes are most important to you? What successful outcomes do you think are most important to your former spouse? Try to focus most of the time and energy during the session on a few key objectives that matter to both parties.

Plan to compromise

You will not get everything you want from your final divorce agreement and neither will your former spouse. As you consider your most important outcomes, you should also think about areas where you can concede to your spouse. Attending mediation with a spirit of compromise will facilitate successful negotiations.

Choose a professional mediator who has extensive experience with divorce cases like yours. This guidance can also improve the chances of leaving the session with an agreement that meets both parties’ needs.