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How much does a DWI increase auto insurance in North Carolina?

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2020 | DWI Defense |

A North Carolina conviction for driving while impaired may take a personal and professional toll on you, and it often takes a large financial one, too. As a first-time DWI offender, you may have to pay hundreds of dollars in fines. You may also have to pay for other expenses that arise because of your arrest, such as bail or towing fees. North Carolina drivers who have DWIs also see some of the steepest insurance rate hikes in the country. 

According to the Zebra, in comparison with other states, North Carolina’s insurance rate hikes in the wake of a drunk driving conviction are 68% higher. How much more might you have to pay for insurance coverage once you have a DWI? 

A substantial rate hike

If your driving record is like most others in your state, you may have paid about $995 a year to insure yourself when driving. A first-time DWI conviction, though, raises your insurance rates by an average of 358%, bringing your annual premium to about $4,371. 

North Carolina’s insurance companies also review the past seven years of your driving record when determining what to charge you. So, you should anticipate having to pay the higher insurance rate for the next seven years. 

Rate differences

Many North Carolina motorists with DWIs find that shopping several different insurance companies helps them find a more affordable rate. Different companies use different strategies when figuring out what to charge you for insurance, so you may find that the premiums offered to you vary broadly. You may also find that while one company offers a great rate when you do not have a DWI, its rates are less competitive for someone who does have one and vice-versa.