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Man dies in one-car accident in Ridgeland

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The beauty of North Carolina’s roadways is undeniable. However, there are also many dangers that often result in car accidents that injure or take the lives of drivers and passengers.

One such incident took place in Ridgeland this week, when, according to the Bluffton Today online newspaper, an individual from nearby Columbia, North Carolina lost his life on an interstate highway.

Vehicle overturned during the accident 

The incident occurred when the driver of a late-model jeep struck a median while traveling at a high rate of speed along Interstate 95. The driver attempted to correct the maneuver and continue down the highway; however, the sharp change in direction caused the vehicle to flip and then slide upside down into the highway’s southbound lane.

Driver killed, passengers injured 

Authorities pronounced the driver dead at the scene. There were also three other passengers in the jeep, all of whom received treatment at a local hospital, where medics treated them for minor injuries. Their relation to the deceased driver is unknown at this time or why the four individuals were traveling together. This is one of many fatal accidents in the rising number of North Carolina deaths on the road, which numbered nearly 1,500 in 2018.

Criminal activity allegedly involved 

Ridgeland authorities discovered the wrecked vehicle originated from a rental company in Greenville and stolen somewhere near or around the Asheville area. The driver of the jeep may have tried to flee the area when the crash occurred, and it is unknown whether the passengers will face any criminal charges in its theft.

North Carolina car accidents may cause serious injury to other drivers on the road. Those who experience bodily harm and property damage may want to speak with a lawyer about how to recoup their financial losses.