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SUV crashes into parked tractor-trailer in North Carolina

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

A vehicle involved in a roadway collision does not necessarily have to be moving at the time, and the driver does not necessarily need to be behind the wheel to be liable for the accident. A fatal crash that occurred recently in North Carolina illustrates this dramatically. 

The two-vehicle accident occurred at the site where construction crews are building a new interchange on Interstate 295. A tractor-trailer involved in the construction had parked along the side of the road, but part of it was sticking out into the traffic lanes when an SUV collided with it. A passenger in the SUV, a 26-year-old man, died at the scene, while the woman who was driving and two children required hospitalization. 

Authorities took the opportunity to remind drivers to take extra care around areas of road construction. However, they also charged the driver of the tractor-trailer with lane obstruction, stating that he did not put markers around the parked vehicle as required, as well as misdemeanor death by vehicle. 

Little information is available about the vehicle occupants who went to the hospital for injuries sustained in the crash. Reportedly, one of the two children is an infant, but the age of the other child is unavailable. There is no information as to the severity of their injuries, nor are their relationships to the man who died clear. 

It appears that the construction trailer was sticking out into the road because the semi-truck pulling it had pulled off the roadway and become stuck in the asphalt. Nevertheless, the driver is still responsible for his vehicle, and people hurt as a result of others’ carelessness may wish to consult an attorney.